tuṣṭi तुष्टि

Definition: f. satisfaction, contentment etc. (9 kinds are reckoned in sāṃkhya- philosophy ;"Satisfaction"personified[ ] as daughter of dakṣa- and mother of saṃtoṣa- or muda- ;or as daughter of paurṇamāsa- ;as a deity sprung from the kalā-s of prakṛti- ;as a mātṛkā-, ;as a śakti- )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Mn., MBh., Kap. iii , 39, Sa1m2khyak. 47 and 50, Tattvas., Hariv. 9498, VP. i , 7, BhP. iv , 1 , 49 f., Ma1rkP. l, Va1yuP. i , 28 , 8, Lin3gaP., BrahmaP. ii , 1, Bhavadev., Hcat. i , 5 , 197
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