tiraskara तिरस्कर

Definition: तिरस्कर a. Surpassing, excelling.तिरस्क tiraska (स्का skā) रिणी riṇīतिरस्क (स्का) रिणी 1 A curtain, veil; सो$त्यासाद्य तु तद्वेश्म तिरस्करणिमन्तरा Rām.2.15.2; तिरस्करिण्यो जलदा भवन्ति Ku.1.14; M.2.1. -2 An outer tent, screen of cloth. -3 A kind of magical veil (or spell) rendering the wearer invisible, Ś.6. and V.2, inter alia. It is properly the science or art possessed by celestial beings of rendering themselves invisible by repeating some Mantras.तिरस्कारः tiraskārḥ तिरस्कृतिः tiraskṛtiḥतिरस्कारः तिरस्कृतिः f., तिरस्क्रिया 1 Contempt, disrespect. -2 Censure, abuse, reproach; द्विपद्विषः प्रत्युत सा तिरस्क्रिया Śi. -3 Concealment, disappearance. -4 A cuirass; लौहस्तिरस्कार इवात्ममन्युः Ki.17.49.

Dictionary: Apte
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