tṛn तृन्

Definition: krt affix तृ with the acute accent on the first vowel of the word formed by its application, applied to any root in the sense of 'an agent' provided the agent is habituated to do a thing, or has his nature to do it, or does it well; e.g. वदिता जनापवादान्, मुण्डयितारः श्राविष्ठायना -भवन्ति वधूमूढाम्, कर्ता कटम्; cf. Kas. on P. III.2.135; words ending with तृन् govern the noun connected with them in the accusative case; (2) the term तृन्, used as a short term (प्रत्याहार) standing for krt affixes beginning with those prescribed by the rule लटः शतृशानचौ (P.III.2.124) and ending with the affix तृन् (in P.III.3.69); cf. Kas. on P.III.4.69.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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