svasṛ स्वसृ

Definition: Is the regular word from the Rigveda onwards for ‘sister.’ Like the word Bhrātr, the term sister can be applied The sister stood in a close relation to her brother. If the father was dead or feeble, the sister was dependent on her brother and on his wife, as appears from the Rigveda and the Aitareya Brāhmaṇa. Moreover, maidens without brothers were apt to find marriage difficult, and to degenerate into Hetairai;6 but it is not certain whether this was due, as Zimmer thinks, to brothers being required to arrange marriages for orphan girls, or because sonless fathers were anxious to make their daughters Putrikās, in order that they themselves, instead of the husbands, should count the daughters’ sons as their own. See also Jāmi.

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