sthāna स्थान

Definition: n. the place or organ of utterance of any sound (said to be 8 in number, viz. kaṇṭha-,"throat"; tālu-,"palate"; mūrdhan-,"top of palate"; danta-,"teeth"; oṣṭha-,"lips"; kaṇṭha-tālu-,"throat and palate"; kaṇṭh'-oṣṭha-,"throat and lips"; dant'-oṣṭha-,"teeth and lips";to which are added nāsikā-,"nose", said to be the place of utterance of true anusvāra-, and uras-,"chest", of visarga-)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Pa1n2. 1-9 Sch., prātiśākhya, sarvadarśana-saṃgraha
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