spaṣṭa स्पष्ट

Definition: स्पष्ट a. [स्पश्-क्त नि˚ इडभावः] 1 Distinctly visible, evident, cleary perceived, clear, plain, manifest; स्पष्टे जाते प्रत्यूषे K. 'when it was broad day-break'; स्पष्टाकृतिः R.18.3; स्पष्टार्थः &c. -2 Real, true. -3 Full-blown. expanded. -4 One who sees clearly. -ष्टम् ind. 1 Clearly, distinctly, plainly. -2 Openly, boldly. (स्पष्टीकृ means 'to make clear or distinct', explain, elucidate.) -Comp. -अक्षर a. distinctly spoken. -अर्थ a. intelligible, clear. -गर्भा a woman who shows evident signs of pregnancy. -प्रतिपत्तिः f. distinct notion, clear perception. -भाषिन्, -वक्तृ a. plain-spoken, outspoken, candid.

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