satsaptamī सत्सप्तमी

Definition: the locative case prescribed by the rule यस्य च भावेन भावलक्षणम् P. II.3.37 as scen in गोषु दुह्यमानासु गतः; cf. लुकि इति नैषा परसप्तमी । का तर्हि । सत्सप्तमी । लुकि सति इति . M, Bh. on P.I.2.49 Vart. 2. On account of the frequent occurrence of the word सति in a large number of examples of this locative absolute, the term सतिसप्तमी is used by modern grammarians for the better word सत्सप्तमी in the Mahabhasya: cf. M.Bh. on P,VI.4.23 as also on P.VIII. 3.61...

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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