sarpaḥ सर्पः

Definition: सर्पः [सृप्-घञ्] 1 Serpentine or winding motion, gliding. -2 Flowing, going. -3 A snake, serpent. -4 Name of a tree (नागकेशर). -5 The Āśleṣā constellation. -6 Name of a tribe of Mlechchhas or barbarians. -Comp. -अक्षी a kind of plant (Mar. थोर मुंगूसवेल). -अदनी the ichneumon plant (Mar. मुंगूसवेल). -अरातिः, -अरिः 1 an ichneumon. -2 a peacock. -3 an epithet of Garuḍa. -अशनः a peacock. -आवासः an ant-hill. -आवासम्, -इष्टम् the sandal tree. -ईश्वरः Name of Vāsuki. -गतिः a snake's tortuous movement (in wrestling). -गन्धा the ichneumon plant (Mar. लघु मुंगूसवेल). -छत्रम् a mushroom. -तृणः an ichneumon. -दंष्ट्रा 1 a snake's fang. -2 Croton Polyandrum (दन्ती). -दण्डा a kind of pepper. -दमनी Name of a plant (Mar. वांझ कर्टोली). -द्विष् a peacock. -धारकः a snake charmer. -निर्मोचनम् the cast-off skin of a snake. -फणिजः the gem found in a snake's head, the snake-gem. -बन्धः an artifice, subtle device. -भुज् m. 1 a peacock. -2 a crane. -3 a large snake. -भृता the earth. -मणिः a snake-gem. -राजः Name of Vāsuki. -लता Piper Betel (नागवल्ली); also सर्पवल्ली. -विद् m. a conjuror, snake-charmer. -विद्या, -वेदः Snakescience; सर्पदेवजनविद्यामेतद्भगवो$ध्येमि Ch. Up.7.1.2. -सत्रम् a sacrifice for the destruction of serpents (performed by king Janamejaya). -सत्रिन् m. Name of king Janamejaya; see जनमेजय. -हन् m 1 an ichneumon. -2 Name of Garuḍa.

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