saṃpuṭaḥ संपुटः

Definition: संपुटः 1 A cavity; स्वात्यं सागरशुक्तिसंपुटगतं (पयः) सन्मौक्तिकं जायते Bh.2.67 v. l.; Kāv.2.288; Mv.1.54; Ṛs.1.21. -2 A casket, covered box. -3 A hemispherical bowl. -4 The space between two bowls; Bhāva P. -5 A hemisphere. -6 A kind of coitus. -7 Credit, balance. -8 The Kurabaka flower.संपुटका sampuṭakā संपुटिका sampuṭikāसंपुटका संपुटिका 1 A box, casket; यस्य संपुटिका नास्ति कुतस्तस्य सुभाषितम् (a collection or collected verses); Pt.2.165. -2 A variety of blanket; Kau. A.2.11. -3 A wrapper, envelope.

Dictionary: Apte
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