sādhana साधन

Definition: a. (â, î) RV.: directing to the goal, guiding; C.: procuring, securing (--°ree;); conjuring up (a spirit, --°ree;); expressive of, designating (--°ree;); n. subduing, vanquish ing; gaining power overby spells, summon ing (spirits, deities); carrying out, effecting, accomplishment, performance, fulfilment (common mg.); preparation (of food); pro curement; acquirement, attainment (of, g., --°ree;); recovery (of a debt); demonstration; expedient, means, instrument, requisite, for (g., --°ree;; ord. mg.); army, forces (sg., pl.); fight; proof; result; nominal notion (opp. action), sp. as subject or instrumental (gr.); affix between root and personal termination (=vikarana, gr.): -kshama, a. capable of proof; -tâ, f. state of being the means for (--°ree;); -tva, n. id. (g., prati, --°ree;); effective ness; state of being the proof; -vat, a. sup plied with proofs; -½adhyaksha, m. comman der-in-chief of the forces.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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