sāṃkhya सांख्य

Definition: सांख्य a. [संख्यया निर्वृत्तम् अण्] 1 Relating to number. -2 Calculating, enumerating. -3 Discriminative. -4 Deliberating, reasoning, a reasoner; त्वं गतिः सर्वसांख्यानां योगिनां त्वं परायणम् Mb. -ख्यः, -ख्यम् Name of one of the six systems of Hindu philosophy, attributed to the sage Kapila; (this philosophy is so called because it 'enumerates' twentyfive Tattvas or true principles; and its chief object is to effect the final emancipation of the twenty-fifth Tattva, i.e. the Puruṣa or soul, from the bonds of this worldly existence-the fetters of phenomenal creation -by conveying a correct knowledge of the twenty-four other Tattvas and by properly discriminating the Soul from them. It regards the whole universe as a development of an inanimate principle called Prakṛiti q. v, while the Puruṣa is altogether passive and simply a looker-on. It agrees with the Vedānta in being synthetical and so differs from the analytical Nyāya or Vaiśeṣika; but its great point of divergence from the Vedānta is that it maintains two principles which the Vedānta denies, and that it does not admit God as the creator and controller of the universe, which the Vedānta affirms); सांख्यमिव कपिला- धिष्ठितम् K. -रूयः 1 A follower of the Sāṁkhya philosophy; ज्ञानयोगेन सांख्यानां कर्मयोगेण योगिनाम् Bg.3.3; 5.5. -2 An epithet of Śiva. -Comp. -कारिका Name of a collection of 72 verses by Īśvara-Kriṣṇa. -प्रसादः, -मुख्यः epithets of Śiva.

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