rakta रक्त

Definition: lit. coloured i.e.coloured by nasalization: a term used by ancient grammarians for a nasaIized letter (अनुनासिक); cf रक्तसंज्ञो नुनासेकः R.Pr.r.17on which Uvvata comments :-अनुनासिको वणो . रक्त इत्युच्यते; also cf. अरक्तसंध्येत्यपवाद्यते पदं R. Pr, XI. 18, where unnasalized अा is stated as अरक्तसंधि and illustrated by the commentator by quoting the passage मन्द्रमावरेण्यम् as contrasted with अभ्र औ अषः ।

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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