pratyayagrahaṇaparibhāṣā प्रत्ययग्रहणपरिभाषा

Definition: the guiding rule that when an affix (प्रत्यय) is given in a rule as a निमित्त (causing something), the affix denotes a word-form which begins with that to which that affix has been added and ends with the affix itself; cf. प्रत्ययग्रहणे यस्मात् स विहितस्तदादेस्तदन्तस्य च ग्रह्यणम् Par. Sek. Pari. 23. The rule यञियोश्च, which prescribes the affix फक् (आयन), has the word यञ् and इञ् which respectively mean यञन्त and इञन्त; in the word परमगार्ग्यायण from परमगार्ग्य the word गार्ग्य is looked upon as यञन्त to which फक् (अायन) is affixed and hence the word परमगार्ग्यायण is arrived at and not पारमगार्ग्य.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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