prakīrṇa प्रकीर्ण

Definition: प्रकीर्ण p. p. 1 Scattered about, scattered forth, thrown about, dispersed; प्रकीर्णमूर्धजा राजन् यक्षाधिपतिमब्रुवन् Mb.3.161.17. -2 Spread, published, promulgated. -3 Waved, waving; जवात् प्रकीर्णैरभितः प्रकीर्णकैः Śi.12.17. -4 Disordered, loose, dishevelled. -5 Confused, incoherent; बह्वपि स्वेच्छया कामं प्रकीर्णमभिधीयते Śi.2.63. -6 Agitated, excited. -7 Miscellaneous, mixed; as the प्रकीर्णकाण्ड of Bhaṭṭikāvya. -8 Expanded, opened. -9 Standing alone. -1 Destroyed, killed; प्रकीर्णमेष भारं हि यद्वद्धार्येत दस्युभिः Mb.12.215.14. -11 Thickly covered; प्रकीर्णमलपङ्कः Dk.2.2. -र्णम् 1 A miscellany, anymiscellaneous collection. -2 A chapter containing miscellaneous rules. -3 A chapter or section of a book. -4 Scattering or throwing about. -5 Extent. -Comp. -केशी Name of Durgā.

Dictionary: Apte
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