prabhaṅga प्रभङ्ग

Definition: m. breaker, crusher; crushing, destruction; -bha&ndot;gín, a. breaking, crushing, destroying; -bhañgana, a. id.; m. storm, tempest, hurricane; wind; god of wind; n. breaking; -bhadraka, a. extremely handsome; n. a metre; combination of four slokas containing a single sentence; -bhartav ya, fp. to be nourished or maintained; -(á) bhartri, m. bringer, procurer (RV.); (á) bharman, n. setting before, presenting; reci tation (of a hymn); -bhavá, a. prominent; m. origin, source, cause of existence, birthplace; a. arising or proceeding from, originating with; being in or on; -bhavitri, m. mighty one, great lord; -bhavishnu, a. mighty, pre-eminent; producing, creating; m. mighty one, master, lord, of (g., lc., --°ree;): -tâ, f. lordship, dominion; power, to (inf.); tyranny.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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