prāṇin प्राणिन्

Definition: प्राणिन् n. Breathing, living, alive. -m. 1 A living or sentient being, a living creature; यया प्राणिनः प्राणवन्तः Ś.1.1; Me.5. -2 A man, power, vigour; देवस्त्रियो रसां नातीः प्राणिभिः पुनराहरत् Bhāg.9.2.31. -Comp. -अङ्गम् a limb of an animal. -जातम् a whole class of animals. -द्यूतम् gambling with fighting-animals, (cock-fighting, ram-fighting &c.). -पीडा cruelty to animals. -हिंसा injury to life, doing harm to living creatures. -हिता a shoe, boot.

Dictionary: Apte
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