paścāt पश्चात्

Definition: पश्चात् ind. (Used by itself or with gen. or abl.) 1 From behind; from the back; पश्चाद् बद्धपुरुषमादाय Ś.6; पश्चादुच्चैर्भवति हरिणः स्वाङ्गमायच्छमानः Ś.4. 1/2 (v. l.) -2 Behind, backwards, towards the back (opp. पुरः); गच्छति पुरः शरीरं धावति पश्चादसंस्तुतं चेतः Ś.1.33;3.7. -3 After (in time or space), then, afterwards, subsequently; लघ्वी पुरा वृद्धिमती च पश्चात् Bh.2.6; तस्य पश्चात् 'after him'; R.4.3;12.7;16.29; Me.38,46. -4 At last, lastly, finally. -5 From the west. -6 Towards the west, westward. -Comp. -अहस् ind. in the afternoon. -उक्तिःrepetition. -कृत a. left behind, surpassed, thrown into the back-ground; पश्चात् कृताः स्निग्धजनाशिषो$पि Ku.7.28; R.17.18. -घाटः the neck. -तापः 1 repentance, contrition; ˚पं कृ to repent. -2 (In dram.) repentance at something rejected or omitted from want of judgment. -भागः a. whose conjunction with the moon begins in the afternoon. -गः 1 hind-part. -2 west side. -वातः a west-wind.

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