nīrājanam नीराजनम्

Definition: नीराजनम् ना 1 Lustration of arms, a kind of military and religious ceremony performed by kings or generals of armies in the month of Āśvina before they took the field; (it was, so to say, a general purification of the king's Purohita, the ministers, and all the various component parts of the army, together with the arms and implements of war, by means of sacred Mantras); तम्मै सम्यग् हुतो वह्निर्वाजिनीराजनाविधौ R. 4.25;17.12; चक्रे स चक्रनिभचङ्क्रमणच्छलेन नीराजनां जनयतां निजबान्धवानाम् N.1.144. -2 Waving lights before an idol as an act of adoration; नीराजनाभिः सुभगाः सुभ्रुवः समभावयन् Śiva B.6.62; तुरङ्गमस्येव रणे निवृत्ते नीराजनाकौतुकमङ्गलानि Pratijñā 1.12.

Dictionary: Apte
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