muktā मुक्ता

Definition: f. [pp. √ muk, secreted by the oyster], pearl: -kana, m. N.; -kalâpa, m. pearl necklace: î-kri, turn into a pearl necklace; -½âkâra, a. looking like a pearl: -tâ, f. pearl-like appearance; -kesava, m. Name of a statue of Krishna; -guna, m. string or necklace of pearls; excellence of a pearl, pearl of pure water; -gâla, n. pearl necklace: -maya, a. (î) consisting of pearls; -½âtman, a. whose soul is delivered, emanci pated; -dâman, n. string of pearls; a½âpad, a. rescued from misfortune; -½âpîda, m. Name of a prince and of a poet; -pura, m. Name of a mythical town in the Himâlaya.

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