mādhavī माधवी

Definition: माधवी 1 Candied sugar. -2 A kind of drink made from honey. -3 The spring-creeper (वारसन्ती), with white fragrant flowers; पत्राणामिव शोषणेन मरुता स्पृष्टा लता माधवी Ś.3.9; Me.8. -4 The sacred basil. -5 The earth (also with देवी); तथा मे माधवी देवी विवरं दातुमर्हति Rām. 7.97.14-16. -6 A procuress, bawd. -7 Affluence in cattle. -8 (In music) A particular Rāginī -Comp. -मण़्डपः, -पम् a bower formed of spring flowers. -लता the spring creeper. -वनम् a grove of Mādhavī creepers.

Dictionary: Apte
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