lokakaṇṭaka लोककण्टक

Definition: m. thorn=curse of mankind, pernicious man; -kartri, m. creator of the world, ep. of Brahman, Vishnu, or Siva; -kânta, pp. beloved of the world, dear to all mankind; -kâma, a.desirous of a certain world; -kâra, m. creator of the world, ep. of Siva; -krit, m. creator of the world; -kshit, a. inhabiting heaven; -gâ thâ, f. popular (traditional) verse; -guru, m. teacher of the world or people;-kakshus, n. pl. eyes of the people; -kâritra, n. ways of the world; -gít, a. winning territory (Br.); gaining heaven; -gña, a. knowing the world or men: -tâ, f. knowledge of the world; -tattva, n. id.; -tantra, n. course of the world; -tas, ad. from people, from popular talk; in accordance with usage; -traya, n., î, f. the three worlds (heaven, earth, air or lower regions); -dambhaka, a. cheating the people; -dvaya, n. the two worlds (heaven and earth); -dvâra, n. gate of heaven; -nâ tha, m. lord of the worlds, ep. of Brahman, Vishnu, Siva, of the gods, and of the sun; protector of the people, king; Name of Avalo kitesvara; a. protected by mankind; -nind ita, pp.blamed by every one; -pa, m. regent of a world; world-guardian (of whom there are eight); -pati, m. lord of the world, ep. of Brahman or Siva; lord of the people, king; -patha, m. general or usual way; -paddhati, f. id.; -pâlá, m. world-guardian (of whom from Manuonwards four or eight are assumed according as four or eight quarters are counted; exceptionally five); guardian of the people, king; -pitâmaha, m. great forefather of mankind, ep. of Brahman; -punya, Name of a locality; -pûgita, pp. universally honoured; -pravâda, m. common report, popular or current saying; -prasiddha, pp. generally known; -prasiddhi, f. general prevalence: in.according to prevailing usage; -bhartri, m. supporter of the people; -mahesvara, m. great lord of the world, ep. of Krishna, -mâ tri, f. mother of the world, ep. of Gaurî

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