kujaḥ कुजः

Definition: कुजः 1 A tree; Pt.3.92. -2 The planet Mars. (कौ पृथ्व्यां जायते इति) Bhāg.2.7.34; 'न शनि-रवि-कुजानां वासरे नोग्रतारे ।' शालिहोत्र of भोज. -3 Name of a demon killed by Kṛiṣṇa (also called नरक q. v.) -जा Name of Sītā; also of Durgā. -Comp. -अष्टमः a particular Yoga in astrology where Mars is in the eighth place in the जन्मलग्न period.कुजम्भलः kujambhalḥ कुजम्भिलः kujambhilḥ रः rḥकुजम्भलः कुजम्भिलः रः A thief who breaks into a house.कुज्झटिः kujjhaṭiḥ कुज्झटिका kujjhaṭikā कुज्झटी kujjhaṭīकुज्झटिः कुज्झटिका कुज्झटी f. A fog or mist.

Dictionary: Apte
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