kolaḥ कोलः

Definition: कोलः [कुल् संस्त्याने अच्] 1 A hog, boar; Y.3.273; Śi.14.43,86. -2 A raft, boat. -3 The breast. -4 The haunch, hip, lap. -5 An embrace. -6 The planet Saturn. -7 An out-cast, one of a degraded tribe. -8 A barbarian. -9 Name of a tribe inhabiting the hills in Central India. -लम् 1 The weight of one Tola. -2 Black pepper. -3 A kind of berry. -Comp. -अञ्चः Name of the country of the Kaliṅgas. -पुच्छः a heron.

Dictionary: Apte
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