kaniṣṭha कनिष्ठ

Definition: कनिष्ठ a. (Superl. of अल्प or युवन्) 1 The smallest, least. -2 The youngest; पुत्र एषामुतैषां ज्येष्ठ उत वा कनिष्ठः Rv.1.8.28. -3 Lower. -4 Having the feet downwards. -ष्ठः Name of Śiva. -ष्ठा 1 The little finger. -2 A kind of heroine. -3 The wife of a younger brother. -4 A younger wife, one married later (than another); पुत्रः कनिष्ठो ज्येष्ठायां कनिष्ठायां च पूर्वजः Ms.9.122. -Comp. -पदम्, -मूलम् the least or first root. -प्रथम a. Having the youngest as the first.

Dictionary: Apte
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