kakubha ककुभ

Definition: ककुभ a. Ved. Distinguished, superior. -भः 1 A crooked piece of wood at the end of the lute. -2 The tree Arjuna; ककुभसुरभिः शैलः U.1.33. -3 A kind of goblin or evil spirit. -4 One of the Rāgas or personified musical modes. -भा 1 Space; quarter. -2 One of the Rāgiṇīs. -भम् A flower of the Kuṭaja tree; कालक्षेपं ककुभसुरभौ पर्वते पर्वते ते (उत्पश्यामि) -Comp. -अदनी 'food of the sky, a kind of fragrance or perfume.

Dictionary: Apte
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