kaṇṭakaḥ कण्टकः

Definition: कण्टकः कम् 1 A thorn; पादलग्नं करस्थेन कण्टकेनैव कण्टकं (उद्धरेत्) Chāṇ.22; कण्टकेनैव कण्टकम् (उन्मूलयेत्) Pt.4.18 -2 A prickle, a sting; यः कण्टकैर्वितुदति Y.3.53. -3 The point of anything. -4 (Fig.) Any troublesome fellow who is, as it were, a thorn to the state and an enemy of order and good government; उत्खातलोकत्रयकण्टके$पि R.14.73; त्रिदिवमुद्धृतदानवकण्टकम् Ś.7.3; Ms.9.26; Mv.7.8. -5 (Hence) Any source of vexation or annoyance, nuisance; कण्टकानां च शोधनात् Ms.9.253. -6 Horripilation, erection of hair, thrill. -7 A finger-nail. -8 A vexing speech. -9 A fish-bone; अन्धो मत्स्या- निवाश्नाति स नरः कण्टकैः सह Ms.8.95. -1 A sharp stinging pain, symptom of a disease. -11 (In Nyāya philosophy) Refutation of arguments, detection of error. -12 Impediment, obstacle. -13 The first, fourth, seventh, and tenth lunar mansions. -14 A vexing or injurious speech; Mb.1. -कः A bamboo; some other tree (Mar. बेल, बाभळ, हिंगणबेट) फलकं परिधानश्च तथा कण्टक- वस्त्रधृक् Mb.12.33.14; see कण्टकद्रुम. -2 A work-shop, manufactory. -3 Fault, defect; निर्धूतवाक्यकण्टकाम् Mb.12.167.5. -4 Name of Makara or the marine monster, the symbol of the god of love. -की A kind of वार्ताकी. -फलः See कण्टकफल. -Comp. -अग्रः a kind of lizard. -अशनः, -भक्षकः, -भुज् m. a camel. -अष्ठीलः a kind of fish (having many bones). -आगारः a kind of worm. -आढ्यः a kind of tree. -उद्धरणम् 1 (lit.) extracting thorns, weeding. -2 (fig.) removing annoyances, extirpating thieves and all such sources of public annoyance; कण्टकोद्धरणे नित्यमातिष्ठेद्यत्नमुत्तमम् Ms.9.252. -द्रुमः 1 a tree with thorns, a thorny bush; भवन्ति नितरां स्फीताः सुक्षेत्रे कण्टकद्रुमाः Mk.9.7. -2 the Śālmali tree or silk-cotton-tree (Mar. सांवरी). -प्रावृटा Aloe Perfoliata (Mar. कोरफड). -फलः 1 the bread-fruit tree, Panasa tree. -2 the गोक्षुर plant. -3 the castor-oil tree. -4 the Dhattūra tree. -5 a term applicable to any plant the fruit of which is invested with a hairy or thorny coat. -मर्दनम् suppressing disturbance. -युक्त a. having thorns, thorny. -विशोधनम् extirpating every source of disturbance or trouble; राज्यकण्टकविशोधनोद्यतः Vikr.5.1. -वृन्ताकी a species of nightshade with thorny leaves (वार्ताकी). -श्रेणिः, -णी f. 1 the Solanum Jacquini. -2 a porcupine.

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