jyeṣṭha ज्येष्ठ

Definition: ज्येष्ठ a. (Superl. of प्रशस्य or वृद्ध) 1 Eldest, most senior. -2 Most excellent, best. -3 Pre-eminent, first, chief, highest. -ष्ठः 1 An elder brother; R.12.19,35. -2 An epithet of the Supreme Being. -3 Life. -4 N. a lunar month (= ज्यैष्ठ q. v.). -ष्ठा 1 An eldest sister. -2 Name of the eighteenth lunar mansion (consisting of the three stars). -3 The middle finger. -4 A small house-lizard. -5 An epithet of the Ganges. -6 The goddess of misfortune, elder sister of Lakṣmī; ज्येष्ठा च माया कलहश्च दम्भः Bhāg.1.17.32. -ष्ठी A small houselizard. -ष्ठम् 1 The most excellent, the first or head. -2 Tin. -Comp. -अंशः 1 eldest brother's share. -2 the right of the eldest brother to a larger share of the patrimonial property. -3 the best share. -अम्बु n. 1 water in which grain has been washed. -2 the scum of boiled rice. -आश्रमः 1 the highest or most excellent order in the religious life of a Brāhmaṇa; i. e. that of a householder; तस्माज्ज्येष्ठाश्रमो गृही Ms.3.78. -2 a householder. -कलशः Name of Bilhaṇa's father. -तातः a father's eldest brother. -तातिः f. Ved. superiority. -राज् m. a Sovereign; ज्येष्ठराजं ब्रह्मणां ब्रह्मणस्पते Rv.2.23.1. -ललिता A particular vow to be observed in the month of Jye&stodṭha. -वर्णः 1 the highest caste (that of Brāhmaṇas). -2 a Brāhmaṇa. -वृत्तिः f. the duties of seniority. -श्वश्रूः f. 1 a wife's eldest sister. -2 the eldest mother-in-law. -सामन् n. Name of a particular Sāman; ब्रह्मदेयात्मसंतानो ज्येष्ठसामग एव च Ms.3.185.ज्येष्ठामूल jyēṣṭhāmūla मूलीयः mūlīyḥज्येष्ठामूल मूलीयः The month ज्यैष्ठ q. v.; ततो मध्याह्न- मारूढे ज्येष्ठामूले दिवाकरे Mb.13.95.9.

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