jaṭāyuḥ जटायुः

Definition: जटायुः जटायुस् m. A son of Śyeni and Aruṇa, a semi divine bird [ He was a great friend of Daśaratha. He once saved his life while he was thrown down along with his car by Saturn against whom he had proceeded when a drought, said to be caused by the planet, well-nigh devastated the earth. While Rāvaṇa was carrying away Sītā, Jaṭāyu heard her cries in the chariot and fought most desperately with the formidable giant to rescue her from his grasp. But he was mortally wounded, and remained in that state till Rāma passed by that place in the course of his search after Sītā. The kind-hearted bird told Rāma that his wife had been carried away by Rāvaṇa and then breathed his last. His funeral rites were duly performed by Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa.]

Dictionary: Apte
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