guḍaḥ गुडः

Definition: गुडः 1 Treacle, molasses; गुडधानाः Sk.; गुडौदनः Y.1. 34; गुडद्वितीयां हरीतकीं भक्षयेत् Suśr. -2 A globe, ball; साग्निः सगुडशृङ्गिका Mb.3.15.8. -3 A ball for playing with. -4 A mouthful, bit. -5 An elephant's armour. -6 The cotton tree. -7 A pill; Śāraṅgdhara 13.1. -Comp. -उदकम् water mixed with molasses. -उद्भवा sugar. -ओदनम् rice boiled with coarse sugar; Y.1. 33. -करी f. Name of a Rāgiṇī (गुर्जरी). -तृणम्, -दारुः, -रु n. sugar-cane. -त्वच्-चा f. the aromatic bark of the Laurus Cassia (Mar. दालचिनी). -धेनुः f. a milch-cow symbolically represented by molasses and offered as a present to Brāhmaṇas. -पिष्टम् a sort of sweatmeat, flour and molasses ground and boiled together; Y.1. 289. -फलः the Pīlu tree. -शर्करा refined sugar. -शृङ्गम् a cupola. -शृङ्गिका an apparatus or missile for throwing balls; Mb.3.15.8. -हरीतकी myrobalan preserved in molasses (Mar. मुरांवळा).

Dictionary: Apte
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