ghaṭī घटी

Definition: घटी 1 A small jar. -2 A measure of time equal to 24 minutes. -3 A small water-pot used in calculating the Ghaṭikās or time of the day; घटी चेटी विटः किं स्विज्जानात्यमरकामिनीम् Udb. -Comp. -कारः a potter. -ग्रह, -ग्राह a. See घटग्रह. -यन्त्रम् 1 a machine for raising water (largely used in India), the rope and bucket of a well; see अरघट्ट, घटीयन्त्रगुणोपमः (हारः) Vikr.8.33. -2 a contrivance (like a clepsydra) to ascertain the ghaṭi-kās or time of the day. -3 Diarrhœa; Bhāvapr.7.16.24.

Dictionary: Apte
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