ekaśeṣanirdeśa एकशेषनिर्देश

Definition: statement by subsistence of one word out of many. The phrase is very often used in the Mahābhāṣya where the omission of an individual thing is explained by saying that the expression used is a composite one including the omitted thing along with the thing already expressed; cf. एकशेषनिर्देशोयम् । सर्वादीनि च सर्वादीनि च सर्वादीनि । M. Bh. on I.I.27, on I.1.59, I.2.39, as also on I.3.1 Vārt. 5,I.4. 101 Vārt. 3, II.1.1. Vārt. 19 etc.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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