dhṛtiḥ धृतिः

Definition: धृतिः f. [धृ-क्तिन्] 1 Taking, holding, seizing. -2 Having, possessing. -3 Maintaining, supporting. -4 Firmness; steadiness, constancy. -5 Fortitude, energy, resolution, courage, self-command. भज धृतिं त्यज भीतिमहेतुकाम् N.4.15; Bg.16.3; Ki.6.11; R.8.66. -6 Satisfaction, contentment, pleasure, happiness, delight, joy; धृतेश्च धीरः सदृशीर्व्यधत्त सः R.3.1;16.82; न चक्षुर्बध्नाति धृतिम् V.2.8; Śi.7.1,14. -7 Satisfaction considered as one of the 33 subordinate feelings (in Rhetoric);ज्ञानाभीष्टागमाद्यैस्तु संपूर्णस्पृहता धृतिः । सौहित्यवचनोल्लास- सहासप्रतिभादिकृत् S. D.198,168; cf. Ki.1.36; R.3.1; Ms.1.116. -8 A sacrifice. -9 Name of metre; Nm. -1 consideration, care for; अनादृतस्यामरसायकेष्वपि स्थिता कथं शैलजनाशुगे धृतिः Ki.14.1. -11 Name of the numeral 18. -12 Name of one of the 16 kalās of the moon. -Comp. -गृहीत a. armed with constancy and resolution. -मुष् a. destroying all composure, discomposing. -होमः a sacrifice included in the marriage-rites.

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