devaśakti देवशक्ति

Definition: m. Name of a king; -satru, m. foe of the gods, Asura, Râkshasa; -sar man, m. N.; (á)-sishta, pp. taught by the gods; -sunî, f. bitch of the gods, Saramâ; -sesha, n. remnant of a sacrifice to the gods; -samnidhi, m. presence of the gods; -sarasa, n. Name of a locality; -srishta, pp. discharged or created by the gods; -sena, m. N.: &asharp;, f. divine host; Name of Skanda's wife; -smitâ, f. Name of a merchant's daughter; -sva, n. pro perty of the gods; -svâmin, m. N.; (á)-hiti, f. divine ordinance; (á)-hûti, f. invocation of the gods.

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