dakṣiṇīkṛ दक्षिणीकृ

Definition: दक्षिणीकृ 8 U. 1 To place on the right side. -2 To keep the right side towards any one (as a mark of respect); cf. प्रदक्षिण. -3 To give anything as a sacrificial fee; दक्षिणीकृत्य तं प्रीतो वनमेव जगाम ह Bhāg.3.24.41.दक्षिणीय dakṣiṇīya दक्षिण्य dakṣiṇyaदक्षिणीय दक्षिण्य a. Worthy of or deserving a sacrificial gift, such as a Brāhmaṇa or a sage; दक्षिणां देवी दक्षिण्यैः प्रतिग्राहयति M.5; दक्षिण्यदिष्टं कृतमार्त्विजीनैः Bk.2.29.

Dictionary: Apte
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