bibhīṣaṇa बिभीषण

Definition: बिभीषण a. 1 Terrifying, frightening, intimidating. -2 Formidable, terrible. -3 Bullying of blustering (as language). -णम्, -णा 1 Terrifying. -2 A means of terrifying, terror. -णः Name of a demon and brother of Rāvaṇa. [Though a demon by birth, he was extremely sorry for the abduction of Sītā by Rāvaṇa, and severely reprimanded him for his wicked act. He several times advised Rāvaṇa to restore Sītā to Rāma if he cared to live; but the proud demon turned a deaf ear to his warnings. At last seeing that the ruin of his brother was inevitable, he repaired to Rāma and became his staunch friend. After the death of Rāvaṇa, Rāma installed him on the throne of Laṅkā. He is believed to be one of the seven Chirajīvins; see चिरजीविन्.]

Dictionary: Apte
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