bhojya भोज्य

Definition: भोज्य pot. p. [भुज्-ण्यत्] 1 To be eaten. -2 To be enjoyed or possessed. -3 To be suffered or experienced. -4 To be enjoyed carnally. -ज्यम् 1 Food, meal; त्वं भोक्ता अहं च भोज्यभूतः Pt.2; Ku.2.15; Ms.3.24; भोज्यं भोजनशक्तिश्च रतिशक्तिर्नराः स्त्रियः Chāṇakyaśatakam. -2 A store of provisions, eatables; वर्धयेद्बाहुयुद्धार्थं भोज्यैः शारीर- केवलम् Śukra.4.877. -3 A dainty. -4 Enjoyment. -5 Advantage, profit. -6 Food given to the Manes. -7 Wounding the mortal spot (मर्मभेद); भोज्ये पांसुविकर्षणे Mb.5.169.12. (com. भोज्ये कौटिल्ये मर्मपीडने). -8 A festive dinner, feast. -Comp. -अन्न a. one whose food may be eaten; एते शूद्रेषु भोज्यान्नाः Ms.4.253. -उष्ण a. too hot to be eaten. -कालः meal-time. -संभवः chyme, the primary juice of the body.

Dictionary: Apte
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