bhojaḥ भोजः

Definition: भोजः [भुज्-अच्] Name of a celebrated king of Mālvā (or Dhārā); (supposed to have flourished about the end of the tenth or the beginning of the eleventh century, and to have been a great patron of Sanskṛitlearning; he is also supposed to have been the author of several learned works, such as सरस्वतीकण्ठाभरण &c.). -2 Name of a country. -3 Name of a king of the Vidarbhas; भोजेन दूतो रघवे विसृष्टः R.5.39;7.18,29,35. -जाः (m. pl.) Name of a people. -Comp. -अधिपः an epithet of 1 Kamsa. -2 Karṇa. -इन्द्रः a king of the Bhojas. -कटम् Name of a town founded by Rukmin. -कुलम् the dynasty of the Bhojas who ruled over the country of Vidarbha or Berar; अभोजयद् भोजकुलाङ्कुरः क्वचित् N.16.48. -देवः, -राजः king Bhoja; धन्यः श्रीभोजराजस्त्रिभुवनविजयी Udb; see (1) above. -पतिः 1 king Bhoja. -2 an epithet of Kamsa.

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