bhūyas भूयस्

Definition: भूयस् a. (-सी f.) [अतिशयेन बहु ईयसुन्] 1 More, more numerous or abundant. -2 Greater, larger; तद्दर्शनाद- भूच्छंभोर्भूयान् दारार्थमादरः Ku.6.13. -3 More important. -4 Very great or large, much, many, numerous; भवति च पुनर्भूयान् भेदः फलं प्रति तद्यथा U.2.4; भद्रं भद्रं वितर भगवन् भूयसे मङ्गलाय Māl.1.3; U.3.48; R.17.41; U.2.3. -5 Rich or abounding in; एवंप्रायगुणभूयसीं स्वकृतिम् Māl.1. -6 Vehement, severe. -ind. 1 Much, very much, exceedingly, largely, greatly. -2 More, again, further more, moreover; पाथेयमुत्सृज बिसं ग्रहणाय भूयः V.4.15; R.2.46; भूयश्चाह त्वमसि शयने कण्ठलग्ना पुरा मे Me.113. -3 Repeatedly, frequently; पूर्वं भूयः first, in the first place --next, in the next place. (The form भूयसा is often used adverbially in the sense of 1 very much, in a high degree, exceedingly, beyond measure, for the greater part; न खरो न च भूयसा मृदुः R.8.9; कुसुमपुरभुवो भूयसा दुःखयन्ति Mu.6.9; पश्चार्धेन प्रविष्टः शरपतनभयाद् भूयसा पूर्व- कायम् Ś1.7. -2 generally, as a general rule; भूयसा जीविधर्म एषः U.5). -Comp. -कर a. augmenting, increasing. -काम a. very desirous of anything. -दर्शनम् 1 frequent observation; भूयोभूयोदर्शनेन यत्र यत्र धूमस्तत्र तत्राग्नि- रिति व्याप्तिं गृहीत्वा T. S. -2 an inference based on frequent and wide observation. -भावः increase, growth, progress. -भूयस् ind. again and again, repeatedly; भूयोभूयः सविध- नगरीरथ्यया पर्यटन्तम् Māl.1.15. -मात्रम् the greatest part, most of. -विद्य a. 1 more learned. -2 very learned.

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