bhūyas भूयस्

Definition: cpv. (becoming in a greater degree), more, more numerous or abundant, than (ab.); more important, worth more (ab.); larger, greater, mightier, than (ab.); nume rous, much, many; very great, violent; rich or abounding in (in. or --°ree;): n. ad. more; most; much, very, greatly, exceedingly; fur ther on; moreover, still, besides, still more; again, anew: bhûyo&zip;pi, bhûyas ka½api, punar bhûyah, id.; bhûyo bhûyah, again and again, repeatedly; pûrvam -bhûyah, first--later; âdau -paskât -bhûyah, at first - afterwards -again; in. bhûyas-â, ad. exceed ingly, beyond measure, in a high degree, very much; for the most part, generally, as a rule.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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