anugrah अनुग्रह्

Definition: अनुग्रह् 9 P. (Ved. -गृभ्णाति). 1 To favour, oblige, treat with kindness; शिलातलैकदेशमनुगृह्णातु वयस्यः Ś.3 our friend will be so good as to, or kindly, take a seat on the stone; अयं विष्टरो$नुगृह्यताम् V.5 be pleased to sit down &c.; महेन्द्रेण पुनरनुगृहीता V.3 favoured (by modifying the curse); with instr. or abl. of that which is an obligation; अनुगृहीतो$हमनया मघवतः सम्भावनया S.6; कतर- त्कुलमनुगृहीतं भगवत्या जन्मना K.135, अनुगृहीतो$स्मि अहमुपदेशा- द्भवतः V.4. I am much obliged to you &c. (अनुगृहीत is oft. used by itself in the sense of 'much obliged', 'many thanks', 'I thank you', 'I esteem it as a favour'.) -2 To foster, cherish, protect, maintain (as fire); अग्निर्नित्यानुगृहीतः स्यात् Āśval. -2 To receive, welcome. -4 To hold up, support, uphold. त्रिभिस्तीक्ष्णैर्महावेगैर- न्वगृह्णाच्छिरः शरैः Mb.6.12.45. -5 To follow in robbing, seizing or depriving. -6 To keep to, conform or correspond to, follow, take after; आकृतिमनुगृह्णन्ति गुणाः Vb.2; क्षात्रधर्मश्चानुगृहीतो भवति U.5. -Caus. To cause to favour, or to favour; आर्यस्य दर्शनेनात्मानमनुग्राहयितुम् Mu.4.अनुग्रहः, -हणम् 1 A favour, kindness, obligation; showing favour, obliging, rewarding (opp. निग्रह); निग्रहानुग्रहकर्ता Pt.1; पादार्पणानुग्रहपूतपृष्ठम् R.2.35; अनुग्रह इवेयमभ्यर्थना Ś.1; अनुग्रहं संस्मरणप्रवृत्तम् Ku.3.3. -2 Assistance, help (shown to the poor in feeding them &c. दरिद्रादिपोषणम्). -3 Facilitating by spells. -4 Acceptance. -5 Rear-guard. -Comp. -कातर a. anxious to please or for favour. -सर्गः creation of feelings or mental conditions.

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