abhidhānam अभिधानम्

Definition: अभिधानम् 1 Telling, mentioning, speaking, naming, denotation; एतावतामर्थानामिदमभिधानम् Nir.; गोशब्दस्य वाही- कार्थाभिधानम् S. D. -2 (In gram.) Asserting or predicating something of another, as the subject of an assertion, (which then can be put in the nom. case only); predication, assertion; See P.II.3.2 Sk. -3 A name, appellation, title, designation; अभिधानं तु पश्चात्तस्याहमश्रौषम् K.32; तवाभिधानाद् व्यथते नताननः Ki.1.24; (at the end of comp.) called, named; ऋणाभिधानाद् बन्धनात् R.3.2. -4 An expression, word. -5 Speech, discourse महत्तमा- नामभिधानयोगः Bhāg.1.18.18. -6 A dictionary, vocabulary (of words), lexicon (in these last 4 senses said to be also m.) -7 A song, षट्पादतन्त्रीमधुराभिधानम् Rām.4.28,36. -Comp. -चिन्तामणिः Name of a celebratedvocabulary of synonyms by Hemachandra. -माला a dictionary. -रत्नमाला Name of a vocabulary of words by Halāyudha. -विप्रतिपत्तिः Incongruence of the word and the sense intended to be conveyed thereby; केयमभिधान- विप्रतिपत्तिर्नाम । यदन्यथाभिधानमन्यथाभिधेयम् । ŚB. on MS. 9.3.13.

Dictionary: Apte
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