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nadhrī2.10.31FeminineSingularvardhrī, varatrā
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vardhrīf. a sinew, leather thong View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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vardhram वर्ध्रम् [वृध्-रन् Uṇ.2.27] 1 A leather strap or thong; संलक्ष्यपल्ययनवर्ध्रपदास्तुरङ्गाः Śi.5.53;2.5;18.5. -2 Leather. -3 Lead. वर्ध्रिका vardhrikā वर्ध्री vardhrī वर्ध्रिका वर्ध्री A leather strap or thong.

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