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tares: feminine ablative singular stem: tari
tares: feminine genitive singular stem: tari
tares: second person singular present optative class 1 parasmaipadatṝ
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tras cl.1. tr/asati- () , cl.4. trasyati- ( etc.; Epic also A1.; perfect tense 3. tatrasur-[ ] or tresur-[ ] ) to tremble, quiver, be afraid of (ablative genitive case,rarely instrumental case) and (parasmE-pada f. tar/asantī-) etc.: Causal trāsayati- (Epic also A1.) to cause to tremble, frighten, scare ; ([ confer, compare Zendtares;; Latin terreo.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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star Antares in the constellation Scorpio.

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