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smetā: third person singular periphrastic perfect class parasmaipadasmi
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√स्मिsmismilling / īṣat-hasana171/2, 1294/2Cl.1
√स्मिsmislighting, scorning, despising / anādara28/1Cl.10
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smi cl.1 A1. () smayate- (mc. also ti-; perfect tense sismiye-,or siṣmiy/e-[ parasmE-pada siṣmiyāṇ/a- confer, compare upa-smi-], Epic also -smayām-āsa-; Aorist asmeṣṭa- ; asmayiṣṭhās- ; future smetā-, smeṣyate- grammar; infinitive mood smetum- ; ind.p. smitvā- ; -smitya-, -smayitya- ), to smile, blush, become red or radiant, shine ; to smile, laugh etc. ; to expand, bloom (as a flower) ; to be proud or arrogant : Passive voice smīyate- (Aorist asmāyi-), grammar : Causal smāyayati-, te- (Aorist asismayat-;also smāpayati-in vi-smi- q.v), to cause to smile or laugh etc. ; (A1.) to laugh at, mock, despise (varia lectio for smiṭ- q.v): Desiderative sismayiṣate- grammar : Intensive seṣmīyate- (parasmE-pada yamāṇa- ), seṣmayīti-, seṣmeti- [ confer, compare Greek for ; , ; Latin mirus,mirari; Slavonic or Slavonian smijati; English smile.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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smi स्मि 1 Ā. (स्मयते, स्मित) 1 To smile, laugh (gently); काकुत्स्थ ईषत्स्मयमान आस्त Bk.2.11;15 8; स्मयमानं वदना- म्बुजं स्मरामि Bv.2.27. -2 To bloom, expand; Pt.1.136. -Caus. (स्माययति-ते) 1 To cause a smile by, cause to smile. -2 To laugh at, deride. -3 To astonish (स्माय- यते in this sense). -Desid. (सिस्मयिषते) To wish to smile.
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smi noun (masculine) [gramm.] the root smi
Frequency rank 41263/72933
smi verb (class 1 parasmaipada) to laugh to smile
Frequency rank 2848/72933

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