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sakṣyati: third person singular tense paradigm future class parasmaipadasah
sakṣyati: neuter locative singular future participle (has pade) stem: sakṣyat.
sakṣyati: masculine locative singular future participle (has pade) stem: sakṣyat.
"sah" has 3 results.
        Root WordIAST MeaningMonier Williams PageClass
√सह्sahenduring, forbearing / marṣaṇa792/1Cl.1
√सह्sahcausing to bear or suffer / marṣaṇa792/1Cl.10
√सहsahsatisfying, pleasing / caki(See चक् 380/2)Cl.10
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sah cl.1 A1. () s/ahate- (Vedic or Veda and Epic also ti-and exceptionally sāhati-,once in sg. sahyāmi-; parasmE-pada s/ahat- s/ahamāna-[ q.v ]; perfect tense sehe-, sasāha-; Vedic or Veda also sasāh/e-and sāsāhat-; sās/ahat-; sāsahīṣṭ/āḥ-,; sāsahy/āma-,; parasmE-pada sehān/a-, sāsahān/a-, sahv/as-and sāhv/as-[ q.v ]; Aorist asākṣi-, sākṣi-, sākṣate- ; sākṣīt- ; sakṣati- ; sakṣat-, s/ākṣāma- ; imperative sakṣi-, kṣva- ; parasmE-pada s/akṣat- ; /asahisṭa- ; preceding sahyās-, sāhy/āma- ; sākṣīya-. ; s/āhiṣīm/ahi- ; future soḍhā- etc.; sahitā- grammar; sakṣyati- , te- ; sākṣye-[?] ; -sahiṣyati-, te- ; Conditional asahisyat- ; infinitive mood s/ahadhyai- ; s/āḍhyai- ; soḍhum-, sahitum- ; ind.p. soḍhvā- ; sādhvā-, sahitvā- grammar; s/ahya- etc.; s/aham- ), to prevail, be victorious ; to overcome, vanquish, conquer, defeat (enemies), gain, win (battles) ; to offer violence to (accusative) ; to master, suppress, restrain etc. ; to be able to or capable of (infinitive mood or locative case) ; to bear up against, resist, withstand etc. ; to bear, put up with, endure, suffer, tolerate (with na-,"to grudge") etc. ; to be lenient towards, have patience with any one (genitive case) ; to spare any one ; to let pass, approve anything ; (with kalam-, kala-kṣepam-etc.) to bide or wait patiently for the right time : Causal or cl.10. sāhayati- (Aorist asīṣahat-), to forbear : Desiderative of Causal sisāhayiṣati- : Desiderative s/īkṣate- (parasmE-pada s/īkṣat-; according to to , also sisahiṣa-), to wish to overcome : Intensive sāsaṣyate-, sāsoḍhi- (see sah/i-) grammar ([ see sahas-and for ; , .])
sah(strong form sāh-) mfn. bearing, enduring, overcoming (in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound';See abhimāti-ṣ/āh-etc.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sah cl.4 P. sahyati-, to satisfy, delight ; to be pleased ; to bear, endure (see 1. sah-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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sah सह् I. 4 P. (सह्यति) 1 To satisfy. -2 To be pleased. -3 To endure, bear. -II. 1 Ā. (सहते, epic Paras. also; सोढ; the स् of सह् is changed to ष् after prepositions ending in ह, as नि, परि, वि, except when ह् is changed for ढ्) 1 (a) To bear, endure, suffer, put up with; खलोल्लापाः सोढाः Bh.3.6; पदं सहेत भ्रमरस्य पेलवं शिरीषपुष्पं न पुनः पतत्रिणः Ku.5.4; so दुःखम्, संपातम्, क्लेशम् &c.; R.12.63;.11.52; Bk.17.59. (b) To tolerate, allow; प्रकृतिः खलु सा महीयसः सहते नान्यसमुन्नतिं यया KI.2.21; Me. 17; R.14.63. -2 To forgive, forbear; वारंवारं मयैतस्याप- राधः सोढः H.3; प्रियः प्रियायार्हसि देव सोढुम् Bg.11.44. -3 To wait, be patient; द्वित्राण्यहान्यर्हसि सोढुमर्हन् R.5.25;15. 45. -4 To bear, support, bear up; क इदानीं सहकारमन्तरेण पल्लवितामतिमुक्तलतां सहेत Ś.3. -5 To conquer, defeat, oppose, be able to resist. -6 To suppress, stop. -7 To be able (with inf.) -Caus. (साहयति-ते) 1 To cause to bear or suffer. -2 To make bearable or supportable; गुर्वपि विरहदुःखमाशाबन्धः साहयति Ś.4.16. -Desid. (सिसहिषते) To wish to bear &c.
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sah sah overcome, I. sáha, x. 34, 9 [Gk. ἔχω, ao. ἔσ(ε)χ-ον].
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sah a. --°ree; (strg. base -sâh) bearing, en during, overcoming.
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sah noun (masculine) [gramm.] the verb sah
Frequency rank 40573/72933
sah verb (class 1 parasmaipada) to be able to be lenient towards to be victorious to defeat to resist to win
Frequency rank 2038/72933

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