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etahi2.4.22MasculineSingularadhunā, sāmpratam, saṃprati, idānīm
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saṃprati संप्रति ind. 1 Now, at present, at this time; अयि संप्रति देहि दर्शनम् Ku.4.28. -2 Rightly, exactly. -3 Immediately, at once; संप्रत्यगस्त्याश्रमस्य पन्थानं ब्रूहि U.2.5/6.
saṃpratibhāsaḥ संप्रतिभासः Perception which tends to combine.
saṃpratipad संप्रतिपद् 4 Ā. 1 To go towards, approach. -2 To deem, consider, regard; न मां परं संप्रतिपत्तुमर्हसि Ku.5.39. -3 To assent to, agree upon, concur in. -4 To admit, acknowledge. -5 To attain to, reach. -6 To obtain, receive. -7 To regain, recover. -8 To perform, accomplish. -Caus. To grant, bestow.
saṃpratipādanam संप्रतिपादनम् 1 Delivering over. -2 Granting, giving. संप्रतिरोधकः sampratirōdhakḥ कम् kam संप्रतिरोधकः कम् 1 Complete obstruction. -2 Confinement, imprisonment.
saṃpratipanna संप्रतिपन्न p. p. 1 Approached, arrived. -2 Agreed, assented to. -3 Performed.
saṃpratipattiḥ संप्रतिपत्तिः f. 1 Approach, arrival. -2 Presence. -3 Gain, obtaining, acquiring. -4 An agreement. -5 Admission, confession; तस्मात् संप्रतिपत्तिरेव हि वरं न ग्राम्यमत्रोत्तरम् Mu.5.18. -6 Admission of a fact, a particular kind of reply in law. -7 Assault, attack. -8 Occurrence. -9 Co-operation. -1 Doing, performing. -11 Presence of mind.
saṃpratiṣṭhā संप्रतिष्ठा 1 Perseverance. -2 Continuance. -3 High rank.
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saṃpratipatti f. obtainment, acquirement; correct conception, understand ing; agreement, with (--°ree;); admission, con fession; -pâdana, n. bestowal; -rodhaka, m. suppression (of robbers etc.); -shthâ, f. per manence, continuance (opp. beginning or end); -sava, m. admission (v. r. -prasava).
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saṃpratipattiunderstanding, comprehension of the sense; confer, compare गौणमुख्ययोर्मुख्ये संप्रतिपत्तिः, Mahābhāṣya of Patañjali on the Sūtras of Pāṇini (Dr. Kielhorn's edition ). on P. VIII. 3.82 Vart, 2.
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saṃpratibudh verb (class 4 ātmanepada)
Frequency rank 69975/72933
saṃpratimuc verb (class 6 ātmanepada)
Frequency rank 69976/72933
saṃpratipattimant adjective present-minded
Frequency rank 40683/72933
saṃpratipaś verb (class 4 ātmanepada)
Frequency rank 69974/72933
saṃpratipāday verb (class 10 ātmanepada) to give to hand over to perform
Frequency rank 30911/72933
saṃpratisthāpay verb (class 10 ātmanepada)
Frequency rank 69980/72933
saṃprati verb (class 2 ātmanepada)
Frequency rank 69977/72933
saṃpratiśraya noun (masculine)
Frequency rank 69978/72933
saṃpratiśrāvay verb (class 10 ātmanepada)
Frequency rank 69979/72933
susaṃpratiṣṭhita adjective
Frequency rank 71347/72933

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