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pravṛddham3.1.76MasculineSingularprauḍham, edhitam
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prauḍhamanoramāf. Name of a commentator or commentary on and other works. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prauḍhamanoramākhaṇḍanan. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prauḍhamanoramākucamardanan. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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prauḍhamanoramāpopularly called मनोरमा also; the famous commentary on the Siddhantakaumudi of Bhattoji Diksita written by the author himself to explain fully in a scholarly manner the popular grammar written by him; , the word प्रौढमनेारमा is used in contrast with बालमनोरमा another commentary on the Siddhantakaumudi by Vasudevadiksita. On account of the difficult nature of it, it is usual to read the प्रौढमनेारमा upto the end of the Karaka-prakarana only in the Sanskrit PathaSalas before the study of the Sabdendusekhara and the Paribhsendusekhara is undertaken.
prauḍhamanoramākhaṇḍana(1)a grammatical work written by a grammarian named Cakrapani of the Sesa family of grammarians. The work is meant to refute the arguments of Bhattoji Diksita in his Praudhamanorama; (2) a grammar work written by the famous poet and rhetorician Jagannātha in refutation of the doctrines and explanations given in the Praudhamanorama by the stalwart Grammarian Bhattoji Diksita. The work is not a scholarly one and it has got a tone of banter. It was written by Jagannatha to show that he could also write works on Grammar and the bearded pedant Bhattoji should not be proud of his profound scholarship in Grammar. The work of Jagannatha was named मनोरमाकुचमर्दन possibly by his followers or even by himselfeminine.
prauḍhamanoramāṭīkāa commentary on Bhattoji DikSita's Praudhamanorama written by Bhattoji's grandson Hari Diksita. The commentary is called लघुशब्दरत्न or simple शब्दरत्न which is an abridgment of the author's work बृहच्छब्दरत्न. The Laghusabdaratna is widely studied along with the Praudhamanorama in the Pathasalas.
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siddhānta-kaumudyāḥ ekā ṭīkā ।

prauḍhamanoramā iti ṭīkā vāṅmaye prasiddhā

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