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parśvadham. equals paraśvadha-, an axe, hatchet
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parśvadhaḥ पर्श्वधः See परश्वध.
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parśvādia class of words headed by the word पर्शु to which the taddhita affix. affix अ ( अण् ) is added without any change of sense provided the words पर्शु and others, to which the affix अ is to be added mean fighting clans; e. g. पार्शव , आसुरः, राक्षसः, दाशार्हः et cetera, and others confer, compare Kaas. on V. 3.117.
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paraśuḥ, parśuḥ, paraśvadhaḥ, parśvadhaḥ, svadhitiḥ, kuṭhāraḥ   


tena śatruḥ paraśunā hataḥ।

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