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nirbhartsanam: neuter nominative singular stem: nirbhartsana
nirbhartsanam: neuter accusative singular stem: nirbhartsana
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paribarhaḥ3.3.247MasculineSingularnirbhartsanam, nindā
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nirbharts निर्भर्त्स् 1. Ā. 1 To revile, censure, abuse. -2 To surpass, eclipse, put to shame; अशोकनिर्भर्त्सितपद्मकारम् Ku.3.53. -3 To menace; उपवनं निरभर्त्सयत प्रियान् वियुवती- र्युवतीः शिशिरानिलः Śi.6.62. निर्भर्त्सनम् nirbhartsanam ना nā निर्भर्त्सनम् ना 1 Threat, menace; जननीनिर्भर्त्सनविवृद्ध- मन्युना (शिशुना) Śi.15.87. -2 Abuse, reproach, reviling, blame. -3 Malignity. -4 Red paint, lac.

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