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madhyarātram. midnight ( madhyarātrau trau- midnight) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
madhyarātrauind. madhyarātra
madhyarātrauind. madhyarātri
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madhyarātra m. midnight; -râ tri, f. id.; -rekhâ, f. central line (supposed to be drawn to Mount Meru from La&ndot;kâ, Uggayinî, Kurukshetra, and other places); -vayas, a. middle-aged; -vartin,a. being in the midst of, in, or among (--°ree;); -sarîra, a. moderately stout; -sâyin, a. lying within; -siddhânta-kaumudî, f. medium Siddhânta kaumudî, T. of an abridgment of the Sid dhânta-kaumudî; -stha, a. being in the mid dle; being in the air; being within; being in, between, or among (g. or --°ree;); mediating between (g.); middling; indifferent, impar tial, neutral; standing between=belonging to neither or to both parties (territory etc.): -tâ, f. indifference; impartiality; -sthala, n. middle part, hip; -sthâna, n. middle re gion, atmosphere; -sthita, pp. being between (g.); indifferent: -tâ, f. indifference.
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madhyarātra noun (masculine) midnight (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
the middle watch of the night
Frequency rank 13685/72933
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madhyarātraḥ, ardharātraḥ, ardhaniśā, mahārātraḥ, mahāniśā, niśīthaḥ, sarvvāvasaraḥ, niḥsampātaḥ   

rātreḥ madhyam।

saḥ madhyarātre bhramati।

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